Alfie_and_Alice_blue_buttonA Bit About Us…

Alfie and Alice competition winnerAlfie and Alice is my range of childrens hoodies and ponchos made by the sea in Cornwall, Great Britain. I love the fact that in Cornwall we don’t say shall we go to the beach, but which beach shall we go to! My love of outdoors, camping, beach barbeques and cliff walking made me want to create fun and practical clothes for kids.

When my children were little, especially my son, I noticed that the colours and styles available for them to wear were very ‘grown up’. At the time I had my hands full being a mum to two small children, but once they were both in school, I decided to use my design background and created Alfie and Alice.

I wanted to use colour, fun designs and was especially inspired by dinosaurs. I started out with a range of dinosaur hats, selling at craft fairs, Christmas 2008. My hats were such a success that once Christmas was over I designed my first range of Alfie and Alice hoodies.

I originally sold on a stall on Falmouth market, which was a great opportunity to talk to customers, see what they wanted from a product and also listen to their reactions to my designs. I realised that boys have big heads! No offence meant to them, but lots of mum’s had problems getting hoodies over their boy’s heads, and as any parent knows if a child associates a piece of clothing with anything unpleasant, then they are in for a fight! So my necks were made larger.

This same principle lead me to start my range of ponchos. Ponchos are an absolute blessing for dealing with cold, stroppy small children. Trying to put a piece of clothing with arms onto a struggling toddler is stressful for everyone involved, but a poncho takes away that stress. Plop over the head, quick tuck in and job done.

I love living by the sea in Cornwall and am lucky enough to overlook the water in my workshop and live on a boat the rest of the time. My designs are generally taken from nature, with a few tractors and diggers thrown in! Sea creatures, dinosaurs, rain forest animals are all my inspirations and I can often be found in the library (so old school) looking through the children’s section of books, ready to create another design.

You can now find lots of my designs in various shops around Cornwall and my whole range here on the Alfie and Alice website.

Hope you enjoy looking,

Alfie_and_Alice_flower_buttonYou Ask, We Design!

I love to design which is why the choice on this website is so varied. most designs are made to order and I will happily make a design in a different colour. I also offer a bespoke design service. Use the contact form for any enquiries and I’ll be happy to help.